Why Two Ears Are Always Better Than One

To hear, your two ears pick up the sounds your brain interprets. In the case of hearing loss, by pairing the two ears, you promote a better understanding of the voice in environments where there is noise and reverberation. In addition, you can more easily assess where the sounds come from, which is important for your safety when you cross the street, for example.

A binaural hearing aid (with both ears) is not reserved for people suffering from significant deafness. Even with mild hearing loss, hearing aids with both ears provides better sound quality and requires less listening effort, resulting in less fatigue and more overall satisfaction.

Vision is corrected in both eyes with a pair of glasses, so why not correct hearing with a pair of hearing aids?

« We know that anyone can be affected by hearing loss. We are trained to support all clienteles, children and adults, and all types of hearing loss.»

– Marilyn Généreux, audioprosthetist