Adult Hearing Aids in Montreal & Laval

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Hearing is an essential sense in effective communication. Hearing permits you to foster independence, self-confidence, develop interpersonal relationships and to help maintain good mental and physical health.

At Gaudreault & Rhéaume Audioprothésistes we offer solutions that allow you to stay connected; the joy of communicating with your loved ones, hearing contagious laughter and the joy of hearing the sounds that you encounter in your daily life.

Together, we will choose the hearing solution that best meets your needs. We will accompany you in the rediscovery of your improved hearing. Your Gaudreault & Rhéaume hearing care professional will be present throughout your journey and will demonstrate how technology can simplify adapting to your improved hearing.

Your hearing aids work like a small computer that receives and amplifies sounds to allow you to listen exceptionally well in all situations. Your hearing aids automatically adapt to your environment, whether you are in a restaurant, attending a function where there are large groups of people or at home in front of your television set, you will gain improved hearing.

Current devices allow you to be connected to your mobile phone or Smart TV using Bluetooth technology which is integrated into your hearing aids.

One of our goals is that you forget that you are wearing hearing aids and that you love them!

Hearing aids are available in different styles, sizes and colours. Whether behind the ear or hidden in your ear canal, today’s hearing aids are very discreet and comfortable. Your hearing is unique! Our hearing care professionals will program your hearing aids based on your level of hearing loss and your lifestyle.

Gaudreault-Rheaume has hearing care professionals in Montreal and Laval who will work with you to find the right hearing aids for you, ensuring optimal function of your devices. Call us now for a free hearing screening appointment. (Permanent offering)

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