Discover the different types hearing loss & disorders

Discover 4 types of hearing disorders

Child and teenager hearing loss

Child and teenager hearing loss In children, hearing problems can occur at birth or during the first years of life. If they are not detected quickly, they can cause significant delays in the development of speech and language.If your child does not respond to noises and voices, makes you constantly repeat, listens to the television at an exaggerated volume, or does repetitive ear infections, you should have your hearing evaluated. The auditory test is performed as a game and is in no way painful. Our team can advise you on the steps to take if a hearing loss is detected.

Age-related hearing loss

As we age, we inevitably lose some of our hearing acuity. Over time, the difficulty of hearing and communicating in certain situations can gradually lead to the abandonment of certain activities, isolation and even depression.It should not be minimized this hearing discomfort. As soon as you have a doubt, have your hearing evaluated by a hearing health professional. You may need a hearing aid to continue to lead an active and fulfilling life.

Occupational deafness

Occupational deafness can result from exposure to loud noise (such as an explosion) or may be more insidious due to chronic exposure to noise levels above 85 dB (A). In this second case, you do not detect it immediately. The presence of whistling or buzzing should alert you. If you have a hearing loss, we will help you in your efforts with the CSST. In addition, we will assist you in choosing the hearing aids that are best for you. We can also recommend hearing protectors to prevent the deterioration of your hearing.


Tinnitus, or “ringing in the ears,” is a sound perceived only by the person who hears it. It can be permanent or intermittent, strong or weak, acute or severe, and manifest in both ears or in one at a time. Tinnitus can affect concentration, sleep and quality of life. Tinnitus can have several causes, and they are sometimes related to hearing loss. If you suffer from tinnitus, we can help you. There are solutions that help with relaxation and reduce the effects of tinnitus, making them less of a problem.

« We know that anyone can be affected by hearing loss. We are trained to support all clienteles, children and adults, and all types of hearing loss.»

– Marilyn Généreux, audioprosthetist